21 Ways to Boost Your eCommerce Conversion Rate

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[Guest post by Tony Messer  from PickaWeb] Fed up with the constant Google algo updates and the fierce competition and escalating cost of paid search? If you’re looking for a significant boost to your online sales then it makes sense to start with something that you have 100% control over: your website. From Live Chat to Responsive […]

Word of Mouth Marketing Reaches eCommerce

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The search for new digital strategies that will enable us to reach new customers, spending as little as possible, forces Marketing Directors to be more and more creative and find new formulas to reach those ores. In the digital fight to find those customers, the most frequently used channel is positioning in SEO/SEM search engines, […]

How Product Recommendations Help You to Sell More

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Monetate has published an infographic about how product recommendations help online retailers to increase their sales. Some highlights from this infographic: 100% of the top 10 retailers use product recommendations 70% of Amazon’s homepage is devoted to product recommendations 25% of a merchandising team’s time is spent deploying and delivering product recommendations On average, between […]

eCommerce: the Perfect Product Page

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The product page is one of the most important pages for any online store, as this is the page where users make the purchase decision. Thus, you should analyze your product page and optimize it as much as possible to increase sale volume and satisfy users, as a well-conceived and well-designed product page will make […]

Tools to Improve Your Online Store: Cross-Selling

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E-commerce is practically a science by now. In an ecosystem of ferocious competition, online store managers restlessly seek the way to increase customer satisfaction and thus sales. A technique which has proliferated in recent years and which provides very high value is cross-selling. The concept is simple: offering customers products that complement their purchases. For example, […]

How Companies are Using Personalized Recommendations

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This infographic shows how 5 well-known companies (Amazon, Netflix, OkCupid, Pandora and Twitter), are using personalized recommendations in order to achieve their business goals, whether they are directly relate to incomes (product recommendations), or they are focused in order to improve any other critical aspect of their business (users’ connections in Twitter).