How Security Can Boost eCommerce Conversion

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[Guest post by Alex Trinidad] eCommerce, or the use of the Internet for the online facilitation of trade, has gained tremendous popularity over the past couple of years. The popularity of eCommerce is commensurate to the development of technology, which gives a favorable environment for online shops to prosper. eCommerce is also very suitable for the […]

Configuring HTTPS for Enhanced Magento Security

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If you want to enhance the security of your Magento powered store, then configuring SSL certificate can help you accomplish such an objective. SSL helps in creating an encrypted link between the web browser and server. The link establishes a secure (HTTPS) connection, ensuring that the information passed between your server and browser remains secure. […]

7 Cybersecurity Myths

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In April Symantec published number 18 of its “Internet Security Threat Report” series, in which they published an infographic about 7 myths about cybersecurity on the Internet. I think they were very well chosen, but I’d like to provide some extra content, so I have chopped the infographic into pieces so I can make some comments about each myth. […]