10 tips to improve your online store

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We talk about business models and user management. But do you ever stop and think about what your potential and current customers want? Here are ten simple tips which you can implement if you have an online store. Take note, because there’s probably at least one which you have missed. 1. Simplicity and functionality Usability, […]

Behavioural Targeting: Far Beyond Segmentation

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When we talk about user base segmentation, most people can only think about segmentation by demographic variables: sex, age, religion, etc. Even though this kind of segmentation is useful, particularly if the basis for comparison is a campaign with no segmentation at all, the benchmark variables used are too generic and do not provide a […]

Dashboard for e-commerce

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Every e-commerce generates lots of information derived from its activity. The dashboard emphasizes the necessary information so the management of the company can take decisions to improve the information of the company. An appropriate dashboard must synthesize the information so the management of the company quickly obtains conclusions about the trend of company data. In order to obtain it, the analyst must have a precise idea about the data of interest and how to […]

Recommender engines: 4 Key elements for eCommerce

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A lot of people consider recommender engines as a tool to achieve cross-selling and up-selling strategies in ecommerce. However, these services can be more powerful and provide other functionalities that complement and enhance the final utility. There are four key elements to consider in every good recommender engine: data, algorithms, design and metrics. Data represents different properties and characteristics of […]

ECommerce for dummies: the client

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Brandon – Why don’t you buy on online retailers or at least compare prices online before buying in the mall? Brenda – Ohhh Brandon, you know, I’m scare of giving my personal info away, and I always want to touch the product, feel it in my hands. Brandon – You can find unboxing videos all […]

The Force of Smart eCommerce

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I am feeling a disturbance in the Force – yes, as in Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back. For months now, I have been reading news about the rise of eCommerce, even though we are supposed to be in the midst of a crisis. Everything grows, but is it growing in the right way? And, […]