5 Tools to Enhace your Customer Experience

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[Guest post by Alexa Lemzy] Customer service is an essential part of any business’ success. No business runs smoothly 100% of the time, but the way your business handles the snags can make the difference between losing customers and building customer loyalty. The statistics on customer satisfaction highlight just how important customer support is. Did you […]

UX Hacks for Ecommerce Sites

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[Guest post by Kenneth Sytian] Managing an eCommerce site can be a difficult task. Aside from managing the logistics of the website, businesses are faced with the problem of making their site appealing to the customers. Not only that, they are also tasked with managing transactions and even providing support for customer relationship; there’s simply less […]

[Infographic] The Ultimate Customer Experience

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Monetate just released an infographic focused on customer experience where they explain some interesting facts: 97% of users said that their online experience influence whether they purchased a product or not 65% of users agreed that an online experience changed their opinion about a brand or product 89% of users that had a bad online experience […]

Improving Your Customers’ Shopping Experience (3): Build Trust in Your Customers

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After analysing the purchase funnel in an online shop and its 3 main stages – browsing, visit, and purchase; broadly analysing the measures we can take to improve our customers’ shopping experience, supporting all actions associated with each purchase funnel stage; and examining in more depth the first set of measures to improve shopping experience, which is promoting […]

Improving Your Customers’ Shopping Experience (6): Keeping Registration Short (and Optional)

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We continue to explore the purchase funnel and how to improve the online shopping experience. In this way, we will now discuss user registration, which must be kept as short as possible, or even optional. When we discussed card abandonment in ecommerce, we saw that about 80% of carts are abandoned. Even though there are various reasons for […]

E-commerce Usability: Checkout

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There is much talk about usability and “user experience” in e-commerce, but they are always global concepts that can lead to ambiguities. Let’s focus today on some basic points about the process of “Checkout” of our shop: 1. Do not force the customer to register during the”checkout”. If he/she goes there, it is assumed he wants to finish the purchase. Anything not related to that is noise, and could make the customer to leave without paying. 2. Do not wait for the last step […]