The Force of Smart eCommerce

I am feeling a disturbance in the Force – yes, as in Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back. For months now, I have been reading news about the rise of eCommerce, even though we are supposed to be in the midst of a crisis. Everything grows, but is it growing in the right way? And, most importantly, selling online is not for everyone. Starting from these premises, I’m going to discuss which elements will turn your online store into a smart store. Ready?


Increase traffic

Generate SEO, SEM, and Social Network campaigns, and remember that doubling traffic does not mean doubling conversion rates. But it always helps. You must make your site known. Visibility is your ally.

Cross-Selling or Up-selling

Depending on your product and services and your business model, cross-selling can work very well, and up-selling can also be your best ally. Or just use both. Combined recommendations are a must.

Personalised recommendations?

You must generate sales in your site. This is easy to do using eCommerce personalized recommendation, as you can display alterative products with similar features, and the customer has a higher likelihood of not abandoning the sale. It’s the way local shopkeepers work: if they provide a personalized customer service, it’s  more likely that customers will make a purchase and return.

CRM actions for eCommerce

Have you heard about gamification? It’s a rising trend which works very well. Gamification for eCommerce applies the user reward equation to achieve the sought-for “recurrence”. Gamify your sale strategies and reward your consumers.

eCommerce tools

I used the expression Smart eCommerce. To turn your store into a smart store, you should know what your users or potential customers do in your site. You have two options: Google Analytics, or our simple BrainSINS Analytics, which provides recommendationsemail retargetingbehavioral targetinganalytics, and gamification – a very juicy package.

We don’t want to be sequels or prequels. We specialize in eCommerce, and that’s why we are ahead of the pack. Making your online store so intelligent and effective was never easier.

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