The Gamification World Congress comes to Barcelona

The Gamification World Congress (GWC), the international event of reference in the use of game mechanics for business goals, will be held in Spain for the third year in a row. It will take place in Barcelona from 22 to 24 May in the World Trade Center. Gamification is the application of game concepts and techniques to other contexts, such as marketing, human resources, education, sales teams, and innovation. During the Congress, speakers will show how use of gamification can contribute to promoting motivation, concentration, effort, and customer loyalty, creating significant experiences that inspire action and engage users. Experts, analysts, and researchers from all over the world will meet to talk about the cutting edge in this field, in which Spain is a pioneer together with the US. “Over the last 3 years, many companies related to gamification have been created in Spain, both consultancies and platforms. This makes us one of the 2 top countries in global gamification, after the United States”, says Sergio Jiménez, cofounder of the Gamification World Congress and founder of GameOn! Labs.

Congress Program and the Gamification Awards

The GWC will be held over three days full of practical workshops, talks, success stories, and scientific workshops, with more than 32 gamification experts and professionals.

On May 22, 4 workshops focusing on learning gamification techniques will be held, led by: Mario Herger, one of the main international gamification pioneers; Andrzej Marczewski, manager of the Capgemini UK intranet and one of the main theoretical analysts of this kind of technique; and Sergio Jiménez, a gamification pioneer in Spain and Latin America.

The main talks will take place on May 23: more than 30 talks, round tables, and success stories from various areas of gamification. As part of the talks program, the GWC will host the main international gamification experts, such as Kevin Werbach, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, and Brian Burke, an analyst at Gartner consultancy, among others.


At the end of this day the Gamification Afterparty will be held – a networking event that will enable gamification professionals from all over Europe to network, during which the Gamification Award ceremony will take place. “These awards will be given to the most outstanding projects of the year and their creators”, says Iñaki Huarte, the organizer of the awards.
On May 24, the last day of the Congress, the Science to Society sessions will be held: two popular science workshops focusing on the application of gamification to health and education.

More than 32 experts from all over the world will present the latest innovations in this field, in which Spain and the US are pioneers


The 3rd Gamification World Congress

This year the Gamification World Congress will travel to Barcelona in order to facilitate the arrival of guests from all over Europe, as well as to meet a new audience. This year more than 50% of the speakers are international, and more than 400 people are expected to come, with 40% of the audience travelling from abroad. “The Gamification World Congress has turned into the gamification event of reference in EMEA, and one of the main global events. It continues to grow and develop in order to facilitate the development of a rich ecosystem of professionals in this field”, says José Carlos Cortizo, a cofounder of the Gamification World Congress

The GWC was created in 2012 by Sergio Jiménez, Arturo Castelló, and José Carlos Cortizo, who decided to set up an international conference that would bring together the main experts in the field and establish a community of gamification experts.

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