The Power of Retargeting

Retargeting is like shooting ducks: you can see one in front of you but only shoot it later on, when it’s at your back. In eCommerce terms, retargeting consists in using information about your users’ behavior so that they will buy later in your store.

The good thing about retargeting is that it always gives you a second, third, and even fourth chance to get your customer to buy and convert. These opportunities involve:

  • Remembering customers when they are back in your website
  • Remembering customers when they visit other websites
  • Remembering customers when you send them an email

Shooting Ducks

Retargeting in your own website

It seems obvious to think that your customer (the duck) may return to your website and you can shoot, that is, you can recommend an item which they saw some time ago in your website so that they will buy it, or you can remind them that there are items in their shopping cart, to give a couple of examples.

This can be done by means of a single-domain cookie that knows who you are when you return to the same website: in this way it can recommend products based on your behavior – it learns from you, so to speak.

Retargeting in other websites

Let’s suppose that you are reading a car blog and when you browse through a newspaper website you constantly see ads for cars, tires, and workshops. Then you wonder: is this pure chance? But you know it isn’t. Sounds familiar?

This is done by using a multi-domain cookie that is installed in your browser and follows you through other websites. When it finds a banner, it “tells” it what you have been looking at and the banner displays something similar.

Email retargeting

Via email, you can offer a customer help to complete an abandoned shopping cart or recommend items as well as send them your newsletter, to give some examples.

In this case, you need not only the cookie but also the email address of the person who visited your website, either because they identified themselves or because you had it previously.

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