Tips to Improve Your E-Commerce Design and Usability

In this post we will be giving you some tips to improve your web space and its usability: some things which often go unnoticed and are not hard to tweak.

How can you improve your e-commerce design and usability?

Take note of these tips and apply them; tips to improve your E-Commerce design and usability . They are simple and will help you in a simple way. Let’s start with:

Adequate filter systems

When a customer first accesses your web space, he/she does not know where products are or how your menus are arranged. In order to make customer navigation in your web space easier, it’s very important to have a good product filter system so that users can gradually restrict their search and reduce their effort to find what they are looking for.

Transparent stock management

Sold OutWhen it comes to displaying your products to customers, you can show the products in stock or you can show all products (regardless of whether they are in stock). Showing all products is an advantage from the point of view of SEO; not showing them if they are not in stock is better for users, as it means less noise in product search. Moreover, if a customer is looking for a product and finds the usual “sold out” message, this can have a negative effect on the customer’s perception of your store. You should always think about customers, and your actions should always focus on them.

The importance of images

The quickest way to influence a customer’s perception of a product, without any effort on the customer’s part, is through images. The customer sees the real product which he/she is going to get, and there is no need to imagine anything. Moreover, this gives an impression of transparency, and so of confidence in the store. It also makes your web space more attractive.

The importance of images

Final purchase cost

Once of the things that most annoys users is the “surprise” of finding additional expenses during the shopping process. Keeping customers informed at all times about the final price avoids giving the impression that you are pumping up the price as you go.

A clean page

Having a clean page is crucial to improve customers’ behaviour in your store. You shouldn’t include too much information, and you should have an intuitive menu configuration. Don’t show too much information at a time: it’s preferable to show the most relevant data and hide the least relevant data (although access to this information should also be easy).

Helping the customer in the final purchase process

Once a customer has decided to buy, the process should be as non-traumatic as possible. Ask for the least possible number of data. Don’t make the user overwhelmed by the number of forms.

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