Tools to Improve Your Online Store: Forums

The E-Commerce tool that I will be describing today is the “icing on the cake” among those described until now, as your customers will love it, and, as a secondary effect, will spend more time in your store. This tool is the discussion forum, a Web 2.0 classic, which everyone is familiar with. Today, we try to show you tools to improve your online store.

What are the benefits?

  • Our customers have the option of having their queries answered on the product page itself, and in this way you can reduce the probability that customers will resort to external sources.
  • These queries can be answered by other customers or by the store, which increases interaction between the various agents, and helps to generate user confidence and experience in the website.
  • Users will stay longer in the store.
  • It can help you to find failures/ambiguities in product descriptions.
  • You can use forums to massively communicate product details, such as a delay in the delivery date/stock.

Two kinds of forums can be distinguished:

  • Traditional format (as seen in Amazon):


This is the format we are most used to. It’s more oriented towards communication with customers.

  • Q&A Format (as seen in Wal-Mart):


This format allows the customer service or the community manager to answer customers’ questions.

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