Tools to Improve Your Online Store: Social Media Elements

First of all, this piece of advice is not aimed at promoting social commerce or at designing a social medial campaign for your store (at least, not a directed campaign). What we are talking about is something as simple as it is absent in many stores: elements that allow users to share their experience of the store. Social media come first to mind, but you shouldn’t discard other media, such as email.

The social component is already present in normal users’ Internet navigation to such an extent that including this kind of element in their experience of your store is practically compulsory.

You should also think that mobile commerce will grow enormously, and a large part of the success of social networks such as Twitter is associated with the smartphone phenomenon. Ecommerce must leap onto that bandwagon, and if it is assisted, all the better.

I like to think of this kind of component as a sort of “netlocalisation” service. If your customers check into their neighbourhood café on Foursquare, why shouldn’t they share their experience of your online store? Moreover, this opens up a whole range of gamification possibilities for your customers. We will talk about this soon.
You shouldn’t be confused about this: the point is not to attract more customers, but to obtain customer loyalty. In the end, you will increase your site’s engagement using the power that social media currently have. And, believe me, that’s a lot of power.

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