Tools to Improve your Online Store: the Deal of the Day

Even though the title of this post is quite specific, the idea behind the concept of a “deal” within a certain time window is one of the lessons which ecommerce still must learn: engagement. That is, bringing customers back, making them want to know “what’s going on”. After all, the point is to bring life to the store.

These techniques are used in many different ways. Websites with a more classic approach use email to make their latest offers known. Email is a great tool if used correctly, but it can be dangerous if care is not taken, particularly because of its “intrusive” nature. If we don’t use email, what else is there? Obviously, the store itself. Products are very often highlighted in the homepage, and this shop window can be configured using very different criteria: from seasonal products with a high probability of conversion to stock release.

If a store is alive, customers will have one more reason to come back.

Some highly sophisticated websites, such as Amazon, show a personalised store to each customer. In other cases, the products offered in the homepage are part of a temporary campaign. However, the temporary factor is much more effective if it is in synch with user expectations. In the case of the deal of the day, users know that they will find something new when they come to the store, which will encourage them to visit it daily. This technique is masterfully used by the online videogame store Steam, which also offers specific weekend deals.

The best thing about this kind of promotion is that it can be combined with any other campaign, be it email, personalised, etc. If they are also coordinated with other techniques such as cross sales, conversion results can be excellent.

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