Tools to Improve Your Online Store: Videos

We already talked in another post about the benefits of having analyses/reviews in our product pages. But we often don’t feel like reading a review, either out of laziness or because we are doing other things at the same time which prevent us from reading. There is a solution to this problem: videos. Not everything in YouTube is jokes, music videos, or political speeches. There is a wide range of videos related to all kind of products available to us.

Videos provide visual confidence in the product, as we can see its real size.


What kind of videos can you find on the Internet that will help you to sell?

  • Unboxing: Videos showing the unpacking of a product, so you can see what is included in the box and how it is organised. In this case, hats off to Apple, as even its packaging is well designed.
  • Use of product: These videos usually receive many visits, as they show how the product is used under normal conditions. In most cases, you can also discover more ways of using it than you had realised, and live comments from the people recording the video are included.
  • Tests: In these videos, the products are tested out in terms of durability, performance, etc. You can find homemade tests as well as tests performed in specialised labs.

The platform par excellence to find videos is YouTube, but you shouldn’t forget about Vimeo, which has higher quality videos, although its catalogue is smaller.

This is one detail which should be taken into account when it comes to purchasing expensive products, as one doesn’t usually cough up  £100-200-300+ without mulling it over beforehand. If there is a video of this kind for the product in question, it will make the decision to buy (or not) quicker, as I already explained in my post on analyses/reviews, and it will make customers stay longer in your store, increasing their feeling of comfort.

I know that you probably don’t have enough human resources (and time) to find videos for your products, but why not allow your customers to find them for you? This contradicts what we have previously said, as you would be making your customers work, but now we are talking about fans. Customers who are loyal to your store probably won’t mind providing contents about the wonderful product which he or she bought for your website. You can also encourage users to submit videos through your Facebook fan page, or through Twitter. Of course, you’ll have to check out those videos, in case their content is not quite what you had in mind…

Talk again soon!


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