Tools to Improve YourOnline Store: Lists

In most stores, the best way that users have to organise information is the cart itself. This isn’t a bad idea, as a well-configured cart can provide enough information and functionality to support navigation through the catalogue. However, there is a crucial problem: the cart is not conceived for this purpose. This “creative” use leads to several problems, such as:

  • Expiry: a set of products stored in the cart will remain there until the user makes a purchase. For this reason, the shopping list should be kept separate from the wishlist.
  • Lack of social component: The items stored in a cart cannot be shared with other users. Perhaps your customers would like to socialise their interests within the store.

Luckily, you can offer your customers specific functionalities which cover these needs, leaving the cart to provide support for purchases. There are three fundamental list types which can provide value to your customers in any eCommerce.

Buy later

This is the typical “reminder” list, including products which will not be bought right then, but which are likely to be bought in the near future. It is crucial to offer the possibility of transferring items from and to the cart, in both directions.


The “wishlist” is much more than a reminder list. It allows other users to have a view of the customer’s preferences. This socialisation promotes the gift aspect, something which no eCommerce should forget.

Shared lists

This concept comes from the world of content, and refers to public lists of related products which users make available to the community. Customers generally expect feedback from other users with similar profiles, be it to give their opinion or to include or withdraw items (cooperative debugging process).
In addition to the functional benefits for your customers, you should think that the way in which these lists include products is of value for the eCommerce business intelligence, as it makes it easy to identify relations between products and user profiles which can be useful in various areas, such as usability, labelling, and, above all, cross-sales.

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