TradeInn Increases its Turnover by 50% published it today, and we think this is great news: because of the excellent team at TradeInn, which made it possible; because of what this means for the Spanish eCommerce sector; and because of what the fact that our customers’ turnover grows year after year means for us. TradeInn, the Catalan online store group, had a 7 million euro turnover in the first half of 2012, and the total turnover for all of 2012 is expected to be 16 million, a 50% increase with respect to 2011.

For those who don’t know TradeInn, it’s a group of 8 sports equipment stores, each of them focusing on a sports area, in 8 different languages: DiveInn (diving equipment), SwimInn (swimming equipment), TrekkInn (trekking equipment), SnowInn (skiing equipment), BikeInn (bicycle equipment), SmashInn (tennis and paddle equipment), WaveInn (fishing equipment) y MotardInn (motorbike equipment). TradeInn is headed by David Martín, one of the greatest international eCommerce experts, and most of their turnover comes from sales abroad, which shows that Spanish companies can sell anywhere in the world and compete with international eCommerce giants on an international level.

Even though this growth is due to the great work of David Martín and his team, we are happy to have contributed to their success as the recommendation and personalisation supplier for all TradeInn stores. In TradeInn stores, BrainSINS provides product recommendations both on the home page (two recommendation blocks, one personalised on the basis of the latest product viewed and purchase alternatives, and another block with the bestselling products), on the product pages (two recommendation blocks: alternative products and complementary products), and on the category pages, where BrainSINS rearranges products on the basis of user preferences. In this case, BrainSINS’s flexibility and power as a recommendation and personalisation system have enabled TradeInn to define and implement, in a quick effective way, an elaborate personalisation strategy, which has helped and continues to help them in their unstoppable growth.

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