When and Why you Should Switch from Magento to Prestashop: The Comparison

[Guest post by Christopher Meloni from Dealslands UK]

In this modern technological era, hardly anyone can stay away from a tool that can help in for everyday tasks like trading, marketing, and other business purposes. One of the major tools that your business is probably using, is your ecommerce platform. These platforms can help you manage many of the daily tasks mentioned above and more.

Moreover, an efficient ecommerce platform can provide you the ability to promote and gain awerness to you product in a variety of ways, from email marketing applications, to SEO options and more. Witht that said, there is several softwares available, and choosing the right one can be tricky sometimes. Considering you are reading this, you are currently using Magento now, or have thought about using it at one time in the future.

You can find many other aticles online about the benefits of using Magento, so I wont go into so much details, but lets just point out a few main points in case you were thinking about it.

Magento is a great ecommerce platform. Magento powers thousands of online stores currently and some of the largest companies in the world dare using magento. But that doesn’t mean it may be right for you. Magento focuses on what the industry calls “enterprise” size stoes, stores that are doing millions of dollars a year in sales. With that, comes a heavy price tag. Magentos main and most powerfull solution is going to run you thousands a month, but if you doing millions, this obviously isn’t a problem.

On the other hand, if you are just getting started or what you would call a “SMB”, Magento may not be perfect for you. And with that, I’d like to cover another option, PrestaShop.

Magento vs Prestashop in Google Trends

Details in respect of Prestashop

So why PrestaShop? I could have covered many platforms in comparison, but I choose PrestaShop because its free, opensource, and powerfull. Similarly, it is one of the most popular packages as it runs over 250,000 stores online.

PrestaShop offers 2 solutions, a downloadable version (this is the opensource version) and a Cloud version. The download version is suited to thouse who want access to the source code, where as the Cloud version is most popular for those who want the easiest way to sell online, and not have to worry about paying for hosting etc.

The great part about each is that they are both free, in the end it comes down to whether you want be diving into the code, or just prefer the hosted version of PrestaShop without needed access to core files.

Key feature in respect of Prestashop

Both versions of PrestaShop come with tons of features and, it is capable of managing huge data of products and services to be retailed via the store, data of customers who are buying goods from a retail shop. In a fundamental manner, Prestashop is capable of making a lightweight, but powerful shop that can handle all your stores needs.

In a gradual way, ecommerce using PrestaShop tools for individual business should be taken from a trustworthy source as it relates to the selling and revenue earning matters of any business. On that note, individuals can easily get the information about all the aspects of convenience that can get from the market from their pals while they are in search of a good shopping cart development service of any company.

At the end, PrestaShop platform support theme and template embedding has the capability to use, customizable themes and template for shopping cart site, however, this platform is supported by open source technical assistance from professional web development people and has many plug-ins for different aspect of their business work.

PrestaShop the alternative solution instead of Magento:

In the end it comes down to how much money you think your store will be doing. If you already have a retail location and are bringing in millions a year, Magento might be best for you. But if you are just starting out in the ecommerce world, PrestaShop might be a better option, and like I mentioned, it’s free, so you can always just try and see for yourself.

Are you currently using Magento and thinking about switching? Using PrestaShop or another platform, let us know!

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