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Common Questions

Is it really free?

If your online store receives less than 50,000 users per month, you can use our Intelligent plan for free. If more than 50,000 users visit your online store each month or want additional features, you can upgrade to our advanced plans.

What if I want to cancel the service?

Sincerely, we don’t know why you would want to cancel the service. But if for any reason you want to cancel it, there is no problem. You will be able to cancel the service from our management console at any time and won’t be charged for the next month of service.

I have a lot of monthly visitors. Can I get a better price?

Yes. If your E-Commerce receives lots of visitors per month, we offer you our Genius plan, which will be personalized to your needs and we will adjust the pricing in order to offer you better conditions. Contact our sales team by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling +44 (0)207 0961 579.

Why is pricing based on monthly unique visitors?

Our solution is offered on a SaaS basis, and we receive all the actions made by your users in your online store (product views, other pages views, products added to the cart, cart modifications, checkout, etc.). So more users means more calculation power. In order to adjust the pricing for all our customers, we will charge you monthly based on the number of users accessing your online store.

What if I upgrade (or downgrade) in the middle of the month?

Your new service will begin in the next scheduled billing cicle and just continue payments on the same day each month as before. Remind that for downgrading to the Free service, the number of monthly visitors must be less than 50,000 visitors per month.

How does subscription work?

By the end of each month, we will charge the amount associated with your plan. You can change your plan to adapt to your traffic or to the features you want to use from our solution.

How to remove BrainSINS from my online store?

Unplugging is easy; Simply remove the plugin from your Magento store or the BrainSINS’s javascript code and all the great BrainSINS stuff is gone. We will be really sad, but it’s easy for you to disconnect the BrainSINS service.

I’m already using BrainSINS and I have a question. Help?

You can post a message on our support site, or email to [email protected].