Onsite Behavioral Targeting

Adapt your Online Store to your Customers Behavior

Adaptive eCommerce

Adapt your eCommerce website to each customer’s behavior in order to increase conversion and improve the customer’s experience.

Personalized Landing Pages

Create dynamic personalized landing pages that show the products your visitors are more interested in.

On Real-Time

Create, modify or delete your Behavioral Targeting rules to adapt your website in real time.

Behavioral Targeting for E-Commerce

Customer Behavior Segmentation

Defining Customer Segments - Behavioral Targeting
Defining Customer Segments - Behavioral Targeting
Drag & Drop Behaviors Editor

Simply drag & drop de desired triggers to form AND/OR rules that creates dynamic customer segments based on their past and current behavior. Our editor allows to define whatever behavior you need based on different user actions: traffic sources, purchases, visits, abandoned carts…

Define Campaigns for Each Customer Segment

Behavioral Targeting for Lead Adquisition
Action Builder

Our Action Builder allows you to define what elements to display/modify in your eCommerce website for each customer segment.

Lots of Applications

Lead acquisition, landing page optimization, capturing emails for newsletters, modifying creativities, testing design changes…


We provide you with a powerful WYSIWYG editor to help you design popups, or perform any changes in your website.

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