eCommerce Analytics Tool

Measure, Control & Optimize

Measure What Matters

Forget about vanity metrics and focus on actionable metrics. Our eCommerce analytics shows you metrics that matters.

Control your Business

Control the main KPIs that define your eCommerce business in order to take better informed decisions to grow your business.

Optimize your Personalization Strategy

Measure your personalization strategy performance and optimize every detail in order to get the best results.

E-Commerce Analytics

Measure the Results of your Personalization Strategy

Check the results of your personalization strategy, measure recommendations CTR, personalization revenues, recovered shopping carts… All this information helps you to tune and optimize your personalization strategy in order to boost your sales and provide the best possible user experience.

Recommendations CTR
Recovered Carts Analytics

Optimize your Personalization Strategy

Management Console
Management Console

Our analytical tool also provides access to our management console. This management console allows you to create new recommendation strategies, retargeting emails, configure the look & feel of recommendations and emails, create behavioral targeting rules,…

Merchandise Control

We provide you with a set of Business Rules that helps you to control your merchandise, prioritizing products in recommendations according to campaigns, suppliers, stock…

eCommerce Metrics

Analyze your ROI

We provide metrics that helps you understand the ROI of our personalization solution.

Analyze AOV

Control the actual and evolution of your average order value.

Analyze Revenues

Analyze what personalization tactics generates more revenues to your online store.

Analyze Conversion

Conversion is key to your online business success. We help you measure the conversion (and the evolution of conversion) of your online store and how different personalization strategies helps you to optimize it.

Analyze Abandonment Rate

Do you know what’s your actual abandonment rate? We analyze it and help you recover abandoned shopping carts. Statistics show that users abandon more than 80% of shopping carts, so a good shopping cart recovery strategy is key to increase your global sales.