eMail Retargeting

Recover Abandoned Carts and Sales

Recover Abandoned Carts

We send automatic emails on behalf of your online store, reminding your customers of their cart’s content and including alternative products to increase effectiveness.

Recover Lost Purchases

You can also configure automatic emails to recover lost purchases during the checkout process.

‘One to one’

Personalize every email communication with your customers. Make it personal to drive engagement and results.

E-Mail Retargeting for Ecommerce

Personalized Mail Communications

Personalized Newsletters

Personalized Newsletters

Send automated newsletters containing personalized products and contents to fit the interest of your users. You design the look and feel and we generate and send an unique email to each of your users.

Newsletter Personalization

Newsletter Personalization

Include personalized recommendations in your actual newsletters, mixing your editorial content with our personalized selection of products.

Behavioral eMail Marketing

Define when you want the automated emails to be sent, and what behavior-based customer segment will receive each personalized email. Create as many automated emails as you need to fit your email marketing strategy, and send more emails to your most engaged customers.

Behavioral Email Marketing by visits
Choose the Timing for your Automated Emails

You can choose the frequency for each of the automated emails you configure: every week, every 15 days, every month…

Behavioral Email Marketing by Purchases
Choose the Customer Segment based on Behaviors

Create user segments based on their behavior and adapt the frequency of your email communications according to how each one is engaged with your online store.

Build Awesome eMails

WYSIWYG Email Editor

Use our WYSIWYG editor to build your email templates, configure the design, colors, and messages. Just a few clicks to get the best results.

Awesome Results

Personalize your communications and maximize conversion. We use your custom-made design to send tailored emails that include products in your customer carts and/or personalized products based on their profile.

Example of Abandoned Cart Recovery Email

eMail Retargeting Analytics

Our eCommerce Analytics tool helps you track the results of your email retargeting strategy, including valuable metrics such as the number of abandoned shopping carts, the number of emails sent to recover those carts, sales increase due to recovered shopping carts…

Analyze your eMail Retargeting strategy, optimize your email communications and increase your conversion and sales.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Analytics

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