Recommendation System

Automatic Cross-sells, Up-sells…


Automatic cross-sells will help your customers find the best accessories and increase Average Order Value (AOV).


Automatic up-sells will recommend more expensive products and increase Average Order Value (AOV).

Product Alternatives

Show your customers similar products in order to help them find what they really want and increase your conversion.

BrainSINS Product Recommendations

Fully Configurable Recommendation System

Define your own recommendation strategy
Create your recommendation strategy

Activate product recommendations for each page type (homepage, cart page, product page, etc.) with a single click. And configure your desired recommendation strategies for each page type with a few clicks. You can use our recommendation system for different purposes:

Recommendation Engine

Help your customers find new products based on the products they have visited or purchased recently. Show them complements and product alternatives that should be a better fit for their needs, but also for your business interests (higher margin, higher stock, seasonal campaigns…).

Discovery Engine

Sometimes, your users want to be surprised and come upon products they would never find without a discovery engine. Let serendipity work for you and surprise your customers, and you will find out how a discovery engine helps you to engage your customers.

Suggestion Engine

Users may have different intents on each visit to your website, and a great recommendation system must adapt to these situations. Our suggestion engine uses the most recent activity to deliver products that match your users’ current needs.

But Really Easy to Use

Choose your recommendation strategy for each page
Default Recommendation Strategies

Although you can choose your own recommendation strategy with our easy-to-use wizard, we provide you a set of default strategies that meets the needs of most of our users. This way, you just need to activate the recommendations on each page type you want them to be shown, and you are ready to go.

Personalize Every Possible Page

Create your own recommendation strategy, or just use a default one, and personalize any page in your online store: homepage, product page, cart page, category page, thank you page… or even include recommendations in your newsletters.

Adapt to your Online Store Look&Feel

We provide you with the tools to adjust the look&feel of the recommendations to match your online store's design and colors. Our advanced editor helps you create elaborated designs and adjust the look & feel of the recommended products.

Edit the look & feel of the recommended products

Merchandise Control

Choosing our Genius package, you will be able to use a set of merchandising and business rules that help support your retail needs, the insertion of new products, pricing rules, promotions, and other merchandising.

Manage Products

Boost or penalize the appearance of specific products or certain categories in the recommendations we show to your users.

Perishable Products

Boost the appearance of perishable products or products with a limited life time (such as tickets) before they reach a limit.

Price Based Rules

Adjust the pricing strategy for each recommender, and define if you want to recommend products with a similar, more expensive or cheaper price.

Manage your Providers

You know better than us which providers and brands you prefer to work with. Boost the products from them in the recommendations to obtain higher margins.

Merchandise Rule for Campaigns
Merchandise Rule for Perishable Products
Merchandise Rule for Perishable Products
Merchandise Rule to Control Suppliers

A Powerful Analytical Tool that Drives Decisions

Our eCommerce analytics solution helps you control the evolution of your business, and also provides you with the data you need to make the best decisions about your recommendation strategy.

Analytical Tool to Control your Recommendation Strategy

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