Success Story: Forum Sport

ForumSport Success Story


Forum Sport is a large sports material retailer in Spain, with more than 50 stores located in the north of the country. It belongs to Eroski Group, and is one of the biggests groups in the country. In their transition from offline to online selling, Forum Sport asked BrainSINS to help them increase their online sales and also to understand better their customer preferences and behavior. Visit Customer Website

The Problem

For a traditional offline retailer, it’s always hard to adapt their processes to a new environment and channel. Forum Sport’s online store needed to probe in a short period of time that the online channel could represent an important share of Forum Sport’s global sales, so they needed to improve their conversion, sales, and also a better understanding of their online shoppers behavior.

The Solution

After analyzing their current processes and online store, we decided to integrate our full suite of E-Commerce Personalization, including Product Recommendations, E-Mail Retargeting and Behavioral Targeting:

  • Personalized recommendations in home and category pages.
  • Cross-selling at product page
  • Two-step abandoned carts strategy, sending one email 1 hour after the customer has abandoned the cart and another email 1 day after that.
  • Several predefined behavioral targeting rules to increase some micro-conversions (newsletter sign-ups, etc)
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