Success Story: Miro

Miró Success Story


Miró is one of the Spanish leaders on electronics and home appliances. They have more than 100 stores all around Spain, and due to the importance of their brand, since they have opened their online store, they have received a lot of traffic. In order to increase conversion and sales, to maximize the value of that traffic, they decided to ask us to help them improve their purchase funnel. Visit Customer Website

The Problem

Due to the importance of their brand in Spain, since opening their online store, Miró received a lot of traffic, but the conversion was under what they wanted to achieve. After analyzing their online store and processes we detected several areas to improve, such as helping customers to discover products they may be interested in, and also a process to recover abandoned carts that should help them to improve their sales.

The Solution

After analyzing their current processes and online store, we decided to integrate our Product Recommendations and E-Mail Retargeting Solutions, with the following strategy:

  • Personalized recommendations at home and category pages.
  • Cross-selling and alternative products at product page.
  • Cross-selling at cart page.
  • A two step e-mail based cart recovery strategy, sending a first e-mail 1 hour after the cart has been abandoned, and the second one 24 after that.
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