Success Story: Zacatrus

Zacatrus Success Story


Zacatrus! asked us to help them to improve the customer experience in their board games online store. The two main goals were to improve the navigation on their website and personalizing the user experience in order to make it easier for their customers to find board games of their interest. With the integration of BrainSINS Product Recommendations and eMail Retargeting, they have been able to increase 16% the overall conversion of the site and recover 24% of abandoned carts, resulting in a 33% sales increase. Visit Customer Website

The Problem

Zacatrus! wanted to help their customers to find board games that may be not well known, but that could be of interest according to their purchases profile. The main idea was to transform the online store into a tool to help their customers to discover new board games, to differentiate themselves from the competence.

The Solution

We integrated our Product Recommendations and eMail Retargeting Solution. The strategy developed for Zacatrus! was based on:

  • Two recommendation blocks in product page: related games (game extensions and versions) and similar games.
  • Cross-selling at the cart page.
  • Two-step abandoned carts strategy, sending one email 1 hour after the customer has abandoned the cart and another email 1 day after that.
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