4 Tips for your E-Mail Marketing

Email campaigns are a used by many companies and has proven its benefits in many many cases. Here we list a few and concrete topics to try to increase the conversions when we are using an email campaign strategy.

1. Make the opt-in process easy. It seems easy: you need your user email to send news and offers. There are different options in this step: you can ask for the email when your user reaches your site (maybe a bit intrusive), you can use a little form (in this case, be careful: choose the right place for it and write the right call to action message), or you can use a social process (via Facebook for instance). Think about this: 66% of people prefer social sign-up instead of filling out a form.

2. Say “Welcome”. The first message is maybe one of the most important. Some studies reveal that the first welcome email sent to users generates six times the revenue of other emails. Take time to define this message and include it in your strategy.

3. Opt-out and email frequency. You have to give your users the option to quit from your emailing list. Here is very important to choose the right place for this action. Most of the users use to clic an email as spam instead of quit from the newsletter. This is a mayor problem, because we can then be added to a spammer list.

Maybe you can, previously to confirm the opt-out process, offer to the user any kind of alternative. For example, you can suggest to decrease the frequency of the emails and send only 1 per month instead 4. Maybe your user will continue with you.

4. Email senders and subjects. This information is the first your user or customer will see from you. It is very important to define this in order to differentiate yourself from other mails, and even more important, to not be marked as spam. You can follow different strategies here: use always the same subject to create a “mark” for your emails; or use different subjects depending of the topic of the mail. Anyway, the best idea is to try and test both and choose the one with the best conversion.

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  1. Hi nice post

    Email Marketing is a highly cost effective, fastest and efficient way to reach huge numbers of potential / targeted customers. An advertiser can connect directly with their targeted customers. They can communicate for various offers, new products, changes and announcements etc to their audience almost instantly. It is an unavoidable tool for online marketing.



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