Channels and supports that can be used in Behavioral Targeting

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Today we bring another post in the segmentation series, focusing on Behavioral Targeting. This time we will be focusing on the channels and supports available to analyze and segment user behavior. The fact is that you cannot know your customers’ motivations, but you can examine their behavior patterns on the basis of their purchases in […]

How to prevent keyword stuffing in your online store

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To set the context… In SEO terms, keyword stuffing is using too many keywords, entering them in an artificial way that doesn‘t add value for users. This is something that Matt Cutts at Google hates, so let’s see how we can avoid it so that it doesn’t have an impact on your online store’s SEO. […]

Discover the KPIs you need for your eCommerce or website

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To begin with, and not seem pretentious, but – does everyone know what a KPI is? KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators. These are metrics that measure the performance level of a process, focusing on how, in such a way that the target set can be achieved.  In this case we will focus on eCommerce, […]

Marketing techniques for eCommerce (VI). Content Marketing

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We continue the series of posts on Marketing Techniques for eCommerce with the use of Content Marketing. Those of us who work in Digital often talk about the voice of the consumer, content marketing, and content curators. But the reality is obvious: content is prince and user is king. Do we write for the user? […]

Laying retail bare and dressing eCommerce up

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I think that the fact that stores and closing and retailers are laying people off in Spain doesn’t mean that the industry is actually in crisis, but rather in transformation. Perhaps this is a very optimistic view, but then I always prefer to see the half-full glass. I daresay that in the last few months […]

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