Types of actions based on Behavioral Targeting

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In previous posts on Behavioral Targeting we described in a practical and conceptual way how Behavioral Targeting has become an eCommerce must. Not only does it provide intelligence for online stores or marketplaces, it also understands buyers and creates a unique shopping experience. The point of Behavioral Targeting is not only that it makes it […]

Marketing Techniques for eCommerce (V). Usability and UX

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In previous posts we described different marketing techniques of eCommerce. Now is the time of a difficult member of the family, usability or user experience, which is the sister everyone wants to dance with but nobody dares ask. Before getting into the matter, there are a number of factors that should be taken into account: […]

#infographic about the missed opportunities for eCommerce Marketers

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Our friends at SliSystems have created a very interesting infographic on common big mistakes made by those of use who work in Online Marketing Online and eCommerce. In particular, these facts stand out; 6 out of every 10 retailers don’t use their webiste to create and nurture customer loyalty. . Opportunities are basically missed because of: limited resources, they […]

Why working in BrainSINS makes you happy

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After reading a Puro Marketing article on how employees can be the best influencers for a company, I have decided – or dared – to find about the innards of BrainSINS. How we are treated and how we treat ourselves. Because being a start-is is not just a concept, it’s a reality. Some of you […]

Marketing techniques for eCommerce (IV). Multivariate and A/B tests

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Continuing with this series of posts on marketing techniques for eCommerce, we will now seeing an eCommerce practice which should be performed more often: multivariate and A/B tests, which are very infrequently implemented in Spain, mainly due to client timing. This runs counter to the need for development based on effectiveness and conversion. Today we […]

Traditional retail’s fear of the online channel. Main factors.

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To begin with, we should establish some specific parameters and lay down some concepts, like multi-channel, or how traditional retail has had to adapt to new circumstances arising from changes in consumption habits in order to survive. It’s a salad with many ingredients. For this reason, today we would like to give you an overview […]

#infographic about eCommerce and Search Engine Marketing in China

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Our friends of Search Laboratory has been working on an interesting infographic about ecommerce and SEM for Chinese target. As we have lately Behavioral Targeting close to the surface, we want to stand out the following facts: Predominately heavy buyers with specified age of 30. Online shopping point or bulk is determined by areas with high […]