Flagship Stores, the passage from Off to On, and Showrooming

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To begin with, let’s define the terms. A flagship store is a company’s most representative store, the one that best conveys the brand’s values. Flagship stores usually have a special architecture and its interiors have been very carefully designed. They usually also offer something that normal stores don’t, like a different shopping experience because you […]

What’s a Pop-Up Store?

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It’s the new retail concept which is all the rage now. It’s all about fast consumption, which were are increasingly becoming used to. Imagine a different location to sale your products and services. A store that will vanish the next day and ideal locations for your kind of product, with a highly select target. Pop-up […]

Call to action; generating a eCommerce purchase need

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The problem or main barrier in eCommerce is being unable to generate purchases, and particularly recurring purchases. We are unable to make users feel the need to buy, but it’s also true that this is almost impossible in a crisis such as the current one. However, here are some times that can help you to […]

10 tips to improve your online store

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We talk about business models and user management. But do you ever stop and think about what your potential and current customers want? Here are ten simple tips which you can implement if you have an online store. Take note, because there’s probably at least one which you have missed. 1. Simplicity and functionality Usability, […]

7 things you should NOT do in your online store

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We are starting the year strong. And given the trends that we have examined in 2013 and so far in 2014, here are some tips for those of you who have or are setting up an online store about what NOT to do if you don’t want to lose customers, decrease your traffic, or turn […]

Food eCommerce: Utopian or Real?

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We are already familiar with the case of Ricardo Lop, who sells knives from Teruel in Spain: he took part in the Off to On Commerce Day 2013, and he’s great. He started selling online and became a huge success. But when it comes to food, things are more complicated, so today we would like […]

Load Speed, a Must for Your Online Store

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The load time of your eCommerce store can make all the difference between closing a sale or not. Here some very relevant data: According to experts, one out of every four people will leave a website or online store that takes more than four seconds to load. In cellphones, 50% of users will leave a website […]

Recommendation Systems in eLearning Platforms

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New technologies and the rapid growth of the Internet have made it easier for people to access information and posed new challenges to online distance education. These include how to guide students in their learning process. Many users need help from their teachers or fellow students in their readings, exercises, and practices. For this reason, […]