4 eCommerce packaging trends that we will see in 2014

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Many eCommerce stores seem to neglect the packaging of their products and deliveries, to a large extent because their main concerns lie in other areas (customer capture, social media, etc.) There is also a certain lack of innovation in logistical aspects, which we believe to be commoditized, but where there is plenty of potential for […]

Personalizing eMail Communications in eCommerce

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Last week we published an article in Hubspot regarding email marketing personalization. In this article, we explain why personalization is critical for eCommerce websites, how personalize email newsletters and transactional emails, and the main benefits you can expect from that strategies. Hope you enjoy the article.

What You Need Is Actionable Metrics

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In recent weeks we have talked in depth about Vanity Metrics – those metrics which are usually (and unfortunately) used as KPIs for business but are not an adequate reflection of it. In many cases, you end up with a business that doesn’t work properly even though it seems that its KPIs are fantastic. The […]