BrainSINS’s results in an eCommerce store

Disclaimer: This post is written by Jordi Ordóñez, a BrainSINS official partner, commenting on his experience with BrainSINS integration in one of his clients. This article has not been edited, and reflects Jordi’s own views.

Almost 1 months ago, I integrated BrainSINS in an eCommerce store of international scope which sells to more than 70 countries all over the world. Bear in mind: it doesn’t get visits from those countries, but rather it makes international deliveries on a regular basis.

On the basis of the kind of product sold by the client, we established that it would be a good strategy to use BrainSINS to offer, in each product info page, products that are usually purchased together with the one being viewed by the user. We included the BrainSINS recommenders (3 related products) at the bottom of the product info page, and 1 month we have generated:


We are talking of a 3-hour effort (dumping the catalog into BrainSINS, installing the BrainSINS module, and fine-tuning recommendations) which enabled us to obtain an extra €970 in income from recommendations. These recommendations had generated no sales when they were integrated in  cross-selling module in our own eCommerce platform.

In one month, we have obtained 7,200 clicks on recommendations, a low ratio (clicks in 2% of the product pages viewed), so just imagine if we highlighted recommendations a bit more!

There is little more to say. If you haven’t tried BrainSINS yet, you don’t know what you’re missing  🙂

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