7 things you should NOT do in your online store

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We are starting the year strong. And given the trends that we have examined in 2013 and so far in 2014, here are some tips for those of you who have or are setting up an online store about what NOT to do if you don’t want to lose customers, decrease your traffic, or turn […]

Speed Up Your eCommerce Store: WPO tricks for Prestashop

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Not long ago, I read in ecommerce-news that “almost half of users would leave a purchase if the online store loads slowly”. We have all experienced this: losing our patience and leaving the home page, the product sheet, the purchase process… We pay almost €60 every month for a broadband connection. Why wait? Lost seconds […]

Load Speed, a Must for Your Online Store

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The load time of your eCommerce store can make all the difference between closing a sale or not. Here some very relevant data: According to experts, one out of every four people will leave a website or online store that takes more than four seconds to load. In cellphones, 50% of users will leave a website […]

CMS for eCommerce: Magento

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Magento was developed by Varien, a company that developed online stores using the osCommerce CMS, and was launched in March 2008. Since June 2011, when 100% of Varien was bought by eBay, it has belonged to this company. Magento is developed in PHP on MySQL, using Zend Framework. In addition, one of its main features […]

CMS for eCommerce: Magento, PrestaShop, and Shopify

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In this series of posts I will examine and compare different eCommerce CMSs. The three CMSs that are possibly most popular right now are Magento, PrestaShop, and Shopify. These are three solutions which I know well and have worked with, and even though I may leave other promising systems out (I’m thinking of OpenCart), these […]

Download our Free eBook: “Mastering the Purchase Funnel”

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The eCommerce purchase funnel shows the process that most of your customers go through your online store when they are trying to buy something. This process is divided in 3 main stages: Browse Shop Buy And as your customers advance in the purchase funnel, they are more likely to buy in your online store. As […]

How Product Recommendations Help You to Sell More

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Monetate has published an infographic about how product recommendations help online retailers to increase their sales. Some highlights from this infographic: 100% of the top 10 retailers use product recommendations 70% of Amazon’s homepage is devoted to product recommendations 25% of a merchandising team’s time is spent deploying and delivering product recommendations On average, between […]

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