Tools to Improve Your Online Store: Cross-Selling

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E-commerce is practically a science by now. In an ecosystem of ferocious competition, online store managers restlessly seek the way to increase customer satisfaction and thus sales. A technique which has proliferated in recent years and which provides very high value is cross-selling. The concept is simple: offering customers products that complement their purchases. For example, […]

Tools to Improve Your Online Store: Videos

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We already talked in another post about the benefits of having analyses/reviews in our product pages. But we often don’t feel like reading a review, either out of laziness or because we are doing other things at the same time which prevent us from reading. There is a solution to this problem: videos. Not everything […]

Tools to Improve Your Online Store: Post-Sale Service

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Under the umbrella of “post-sale services”, we include everything that takes place after the E-Commerce order has been confirmed. In this post, I will describe the main aspects to be taken into account at this stage. These elements are the following: Order details: A buyer expects to find a detailed description of his or her […]

Tools to Improve Your Online Store: Forums

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The E-Commerce tool that I will be describing today is the “icing on the cake” among those described until now, as your customers will love it, and, as a secondary effect, will spend more time in your store. This tool is the discussion forum, a Web 2.0 classic, which everyone is familiar with. Today, we try to […]

Top 10 E-Commerce Tools

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In the last few months, we have published a number of posts in the “Tools to Improve Your Online Store” series, in order to promote the use of technologies implemented by cutting-edge e-commerce stores. This is a selection of the top 10 tools. Deal of the Day: introduce periodicity in offer variation to make the […]

SEO Tips for Magento Platforms

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Is SEO for Magento easy? Now and then customers ask us what they should do to optimise their online store, developed using the Magento platform or technology. They should orient it towards its organic positioning or SEO, and most times I tell them to check certain functionalities in their management panel. For this reason, today we are giving […]

Tips to Improve Your E-Commerce Design and Usability

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In this post we will be giving you some tips to improve your web space and its usability: some things which often go unnoticed and are not hard to tweak. How can you improve your e-commerce design and usability? Take note of these tips and apply them; tips to improve your E-Commerce design and usability . They are […]

E-Commerce: the Perfect Category Page

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One of the most important pages in any e-commerce, particularly in those with a large catalogue, is the page that displays product lists. These lists usually show products that are related to each other, and the most immediate way of grouping products is by category. In a previous post on the product page we already talked […]

Product Page Recommendation Strategy

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A few days ago, we published guidelines to define the product recommendation strategy in online stores. In another article, we also talked about how to design the perfect product page for an online store. In this post, we would like to bring both worlds together, providing the key points to choose a recommendation strategy for the product […]