8 Essential Things Customers Are Looking For In An eCommerce Website

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[Guest post by Paul Gosset] Unlike brick-and-mortar retail stores, E-Commerce websites do not offer the tangible experience that customers experience from retails stores. Hence, they pose additional barriers to conversion including lack of sales representatives (the human touch), trust and authority (customers cannot see the real store), and fraud and online transactions, to name a few. […]

A Simple Guide on Creating a WordPress Powered eCommerce website

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[Guest post by Samuel Dawson from Designs2HTML] With the internet becoming one of the most sought-after platforms for performing multiple purchases, it has become imperative for the e-commerce merchants to have an e-store that’s capable of wooing the customers instantly. Despite its popularity as a CMS(Content Management System), WordPress has been considered as one of the most specialized […]

Magento – A Boon For Ecommerce Developers

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[Guest post by Christopher Meloni from Dealslands UK] A website is company’s image. So, it’s important to build it perfect. A website can only be considered to be perfect when its design and development matches well with the products and services offered by the site. This may lead to lure the target customers into the site and carry […]

Configuring HTTPS for Enhanced Magento Security

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If you want to enhance the security of your Magento powered store, then configuring SSL certificate can help you accomplish such an objective. SSL helps in creating an encrypted link between the web browser and server. The link establishes a secure (HTTPS) connection, ensuring that the information passed between your server and browser remains secure. […]

12 Ideal WordPress Plugins for your ecommerce websites

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[Guest post by Abhishek Thakur from Codecondo] Anyone who is seeking a platform to build a website to setup an online business/store, WordPress is the best and most popular solution. It is widely supported and easy for users to learn and work with. WordPress provides you a huge range of themes and plugins to select according to your […]

21 Ways to Boost Your eCommerce Conversion Rate

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[Guest post by Tony Messer  from PickaWeb] Fed up with the constant Google algo updates and the fierce competition and escalating cost of paid search? If you’re looking for a significant boost to your online sales then it makes sense to start with something that you have 100% control over: your website. From Live Chat to Responsive […]

How to Design a Successful eCommerce Strategy #infographic

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eCommerce Platforms has published an interesting infographic containing several tips on how to create a successful eCommerce strategy. The most relevant highlights from this infographic are: Design is an important thing, at least to create confidence. It takes less than 50 milliseconds for users to decide if they like your site or not, so their […]

The psychology behind optimizing your online store

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[Guest post by Proonto ] Wouldn’t it be great to know what our customers think and feel while browsing our online store? Wouldn’t you pay good money to know and understand the decision making process of buyers? Having that kind of information allows retailers, online and not, to optimize their service according to their customer’s needs. […]

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