e-Commerce Reward Programs: Increase sale. Maximize Profit

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[Guest post by Kaira Clark from Xicom Technologies Ltd] It is great if you have opened your first e-commerce store. Congratulations! Your next concern will be customer retention. Recently it was found that 85% of e-commerce brands add value to the customer after offering discount and other promotional schemes. But still, 97% of rewards programs are […]

How to automate more of your marketing

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[Guest post by Jilly Badanes from Viraltag] Anyone running a small business typically has a to-do list much longer than anyone could accomplish in a day. So how can you get ahead without sacrificing quality? The answer is by finding opportunities to save time with automation and outsourcing. Marketing automation means using tools and services to […]

Cloaking Affiliate Links in WordPress: A Detailed Guide

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[Guest post by Ajeet Yadav from WordpressIntegration] Over the last few years, Affiliate Marketing has emerged as a quickest way to make money online for website owners. The count of affiliate marketers is increasing day by day, especially in the field of WordPress. Strictly speaking, people today prefer using affiliate marketing rather than solely depending on an advertising […]

How Google’s mobile update will affect retail

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[Guest post by Richard Protheroe from Veeqo] In April 2015 Google released an algorithm change which shocked retailers across the globe, causing them to collectively raise their eyebrows and coin terms like “mobilegeddon” and “mobilepocolypse”. But were they just being dramatic, or will Google’s new “mobile friendly” update spell disaster for the world of retail? What is the […]

The impact of scrolling on eCommerce conversions

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ContentSquare has published this nice infographic that shows the effect of scrolling (as a modern UX approach to navigability through category listings and other pages with lots of information) in eCommerce conversions. Some of the most important remarks: Users scroll more on tablets that in any other devices. In fact, from 2013 to 2014, the […]

Social Media Shopping Statistics 2015 #infographic

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Social Shopping, or Social Commerce, still represents one of the most used marketing tactics for retailers, but due to the lack of knowledge and experience, in most cases the results are not according to the expectations. Trueship has just published a really great infographic with the actual state of Social Shopping, and the main remarks […]

Best 5 Free Tools to Help Effectiveness of Your Online Store

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[Guest post by Maria Mincey from Xicom Technologies] The proliferation of online retail space has resulted in a tremendous increase in the way online players are planning their expansion to render a delightful customer experience. A Deeper understanding of the consumer needs and website management have become a key requirement for any e-commerce site owner. Since, […]