What is causing high bounce rate on your eCommerce Site’s Product Page?

[Guest post by Keval Padia]

Bounce rate is one of the most important metrics for any website. But for ecommerce sites, it holds special significance as it unveils the situation for each product page and customer interaction with them. It is considered as a key performance indicators or KPI that every ecommerce site needs to monitor and assess from time to time. You need to have a clear idea about what the permissible bounce rate should be and what is the alarming figure. Let us explain here various aspects related to bounce rate in ecommerce sites and the possible factors contributing to it.

What Is Bounce Rate?

When a website visitor after landing on a web page leaves it without going to other pages or sections of the website is referred as an instance of ‘bounce’. Now the bounce rate is calculated as per the instances of bounce per 100 visitors. For example, when 363 instances of bounce are found per 1000 visitors, the bounce rate for the website is 36.3%.

Bounce rate fire eCommerce site

E-commerce websites depend on the customer’s browsing throughout the product pages for business conversion. The higher the bounce rate the lesser is the conversion rate for an ecommerce website. So, checking the bounce rate and keeping it under control is extremely important for ecommerce sites. In ecommerce sites majority of bounces happen mainly on product pages whereupon the customer lands to take a look at the product, makes the decision to buy or not to buy and take a look at the other alternatives.

User behaviour on product page: various situations


When the visitor lands on a product page of an ecommerce site, the most expected and ideal outcome is the clicking of the “Buy” button by the customer and complete the purchase through the checkout process. But this ideal outcome which results in direct business output is not achieved always.

The other positive outcome can be visiting other product pages and adding additional products to the shopping cart. As it is evident both the situations that are mentioned heretofore directly result in favorable business outcome resulting in good sales. But if the outcome is not favorable with most visitors declining to click through other pages there will be a high bounce rate resulting in downslide in sales. This is why checking bounce rate is so important for an ecommerce website.

Is there any feasible and alarming level of bounce rate for an ecommerce website?

First of all, there is no such thing as “good” bounce rate. But yes, for any site a certain bounce rate is unavoidable but whether it affects the overall business output and pulls down the business conversion, depends on several other factors. If you have a very large visitor base, your bounce rate will also be a little higher than websites with less traffic. It also depends on the region. In certain regions bounce rate will be incredibly higher and your competitors in that region also experience the same.

As of now drawing from the experience of various ecommerce websites, a bounce rate of more than 65% is considered as alarming requiring immediate attention and measures. Rather than experiencing such huge bounce rate and addressing it with proactive steps it is advisable to take steps in advance and minimize the bounce rate by following the best practices and principles.

The reasons for high bounce rate on your product page?


What are the biggest contributing factors to the high bounce rate on your product page? Are you not following the tested and tried user experience principles of eCommerce Sites? This is really important to evaluate the shortcomings and flaws in your ecommerce site product page that are playing a part in enhancing your bounce rate.

Let us explain here some of the key reasons that boost the bounce rate of your ecommerce site product page.

1. A cluttered layout with too many distractions

Honestly, these days the attention span of the most audience is too low and so, your page should grab instant attention. This needs offering a clutter-free page layout with a clean focus on product images and description and specifications of the product in quick to read formats. Instead of causing a distraction with too many visual elements, ensure offering white space between images and text points.

2. Images are not loading properly

There are many ecommerce websites that lack speed when it comes to loading their product images. For today’s restless web audience that is an unpardonable flaw and you are likely to be punished with most users abandoning the page.

3. Not offering detailed images from all angles

Most online buyers make decisions through visuals rather than through product descriptions and specifications. So, images should be high quality and you should provide several images to allow viewing from as many angles as possible. Secondly, the images should come with hovering effect to allow zooming the image for a detailed view.

4. Products are described in dense text paragraph

As the attention span of the mobile audience is fast eroding, they are less of the reader and more of viewer now. So, avoid offering them a description in the dense text as no one will bother reading them. Rather offer product description and specifications in bullet points and in tables.

5. Too many alternative options

It has been seen that too many alternative options in a product page actually adds to the distraction or just takes away the abstention needed for coming to a buying decision.

6. Failing to explain the USP of the product

Every product is a kind of solution to a specific purpose. How uniquely it can address the purpose or customer need boosts the buying decision. Failing to mention and explain the uniqueness of the product can be enough to drive your audience elsewhere.

To Conclude

We must say that all the principles for boosting user engagement plus business transparency as well as putting yourself in the shoe of your customers will be important to reduce bounce rate.

This is the first installment of our guidance on this topic. In the second part, we are going to discuss on the effective steps to minimize bounce rate on ecommerce sites.

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