eCommerce Trend Alert 2016 – Personalized Products

[Guest post by Amy Watson]

We want uniqueness in everything we do, we give and we own, right from clothes we wear to gifts we give. Smart eCommerce owners understand this gap and started offering online product personalization tool where customers can personalize their products by their own.

For an example, what happens when you give a gift to your friend on his wedding day and you found that one of his other friends has given the same!! Very disappointing!!

So, let’s take dive to understand this trend in detail.

When Product Personalization Come in to Practise:

Personalization has been in practice since long, you might have seen name on key rings or on other gift articles which were found on streets and local markets. These are not anything else but personalized products. This has grown deeper because of various factors like technological advancements, inspiring product purchasing and change in consumer behaviour. Now personalization can be possible not only on key rings but also on t-shirts, shoes, mugs, photo frames, mobile skins, pillow covers and almost on all gift articles.

Why Product Personalization eCommerce is growing:

It is affordable, stand out from the crowd and people love flaunting about unique things they own..

With the advance technology, personalization has become affordable and easily available. Now, you can get products not only at brick and mortar stores but also online. Moreover, with internet nowadays you can even buy your products from other countries where production is cheaper. So, all in one best quality products are now available at your price, quickly and easily. Moreover, personalised gifts are better option than giving routine gifts. These gifts are not only unique but memorable too. For instance, your brother will always remember a collage photo album as a gift rather than expensive wrist watch.

Apart from gifts, people prefer to buy personalized products for themselves too. As per the survey report, 40% of consumers say they prefer buying from retailers that cater to their preferences. So, eCommerce stores from shoes to handbags and from T-shirts to jewellery give customers ability to customize their products by product design software online.

Big brands like Puma, offers design and color your own Puma shoes using an online application provided by Puma’s official website. Each part of your shoe can be personalized. Puma factory will craft the shoe as per your design and deliver it to your door step.


Source: Puma Design Factory

Why To Start Product Personalised Ecommerce

Stand Out From The Crowd: Providing eCommerce facility can acts as differentiator for you among other player and stores can charge premium price for that. When the Internet is giving ability to easily compare the prices of the products, customization can help your eCommerce stores to stand out from the crowd.

Always in Trend: Styles and trends come and go. And now, they change faster than ever. With personalised eCommerce, your all designs will be unique as per the customer preferences. So, trends won’t affect to your business and can help your business to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Cost Effective: Many entrepreneurs think, it costs too much to manufacture custom or personalised products but the fact is, it’s easier and quicker and takes same time to setup as other businesses – said Barr, Account Manager at Fluid. All you have to do is to install web to print software and develop and your store is ready to bang!

For Brand Loyalty: As per the Brain Survey, those customers who had customized a product online engaged more with the business. They visited its website more frequently, stayed on the page longer and were more loyal to the brand. So, it is high chance to get more returning customers for your store.

Now, the question might be how much customization you need to offer to your customers. Let’s have a look

How Much Customization to Offer

Some stores allow customers to design entirely unique product by offering them a blank Canvas while others provide predefined design and customers can change by using features like text, fonts, clip art, color, QR code. But make sure your online design process should not be complicated, unattractive and with too many options so that potential shoppers will be turned off.

You may initially just offer minor personalization such as just name on the T-shirt or engraving a number on the Cap like other stores are offering. So, determine how much customization you really need to offer.

As big brands and retailers offer customers to design on their own so there is no second thought on it. This new trend will not only boost your business, but it will allow you to always remain connected with your customers at no cost. Moreover, it will also help you to keep up with competition. So, allow your customers to personalize your products and the market will open up for you.

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