Features of a Successful Landing Page

[Guest post by Chris Hickman]

Having a well-built landing page can help increase a site’s rankings, traffic, conversion, among other things. Great marketing agencies understand that developing a quality landing page is necessary for both paid and organic listings. Now there are many features that go into having a successful landing page, and these are some of the elements you need to implement.

Develop a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

What makes your company stand out? What do you offer that your competitors do not? This is your USP and this needs to be the focus of your landing page. This is what will help influence users to convert on your page.

An excellent example of a unique selling proposition is offering free shipping. The image below is a screencap from a landing page on the REI website. The red highlighted box shows two, of many, USPs the company offers. One being free shipping on the item, the other being a reduced price on the item.


There are multiple places where you can showcase your USP, ensuring your users see it.

  1. Headline – Having your USP in the headline is the best practice, this is typically the first thing users see when they land on a page.
  2. Subheader – Here you can further explain your headline, using it to persuade the user into converting on the page.
  3. Reinforcing Statement – Your second headline found halfway down the page is where your reinforcing statement is found. Here you can expand on your headline, giving users more information on your USP.
  4. Closing Statement – Here’s your final chance to get the person to convert. Usually found at the end of the page, your closing statement will often have an additional call to action to entice users to click.

An Effective Call to Action

Getting a user to land on the page is difficult, getting them to press ‘buy’ can be even harder. An effective call to action (CTA) can help increase the conversion rate of a page, which every business wants. Your landing page should have a clear and conversion goal, which describes the purpose of the page.

A well-aligned CTA is vital to having a successful landing page. The CTA should match the page where it lives and also match the page that it leads to. A user can become confused if a page does not correlate with the button they clicked, influencing them to leave.

Make sure your call to actions are clear and straightforward. Users can become confused easily when browsing a page and having a clear call to action can help increase your conversions. Avoid vague phrases and terms that do not tell users exactly what to click and what they will receive. Your CTA should be easy to find as well, make it brightly colored, large and above the fold of the page.


Compelling Hero Shot

The ‘picture superiority effect’ states users are 6 times more likely to remember information that contains words and a picture. For a landing page this means it’s vital to have a superior image that users will remember. Here your hero shot comes into play. What is a hero shot? Hero shot is an image that helps users understand the benefits of your unique selling proposition.


The above hero shot shows users what you’re capable of if you purchase one of their bikes. Instead of just showing an image of the different bikes next to each other, the site shows the bike in action. This lets the user see the possibilities and begin to relate to the product.

Make sure your image matches your keywords and is relevant to the product or service you are offering. Often designers will use stock images that could be related to multiple industries. Take the image below, it shows what appears to be a father and daughter. Without any additional content it’s difficult to determine what the picture is trying to tell us. The image is for a life insurance policy.


Now what would you guess the next image is trying to sell? It’s pretty obvious the company offers running shoes, it’s the highlight of the image. Certain industries will be more difficult to create a strong hero shot for, but always remember to show what you offer.

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