Gamification: Humanising Your Virtual Store.

Classic commerce is gradually becoming compatible with a new kind of trade, e-commerce, E-commerce has obvious advantages over physical commerce, but also some drawbacks that can be mitigated.

One of the main features of conventional trade is human contact: that is to say, the contact between the seller and the buyer and the contact between customers. How can this feature be brought to your virtual store? Replicating it doesn’t look easy, but you can promote interaction in some way. You can find some tools for this purpose, such as chat assistance, virtual assistants, real assistants on the telephone, product reviews by the store owners, video reviews of the products, FAQs, and ratings.

Gamification in your online store?

Gamification can be included among these tools, as it can be applied to mitigate the de-humanisation that online sales can entail. Proper gamification can promote interaction between seller and buyer and between customers. Developing game dynamics that involve active participation by store customers generates movement, and users can perceive your website as alive. Gamification increases the time that users stay in your website, thus increasing the likelihood of greater interaction with the seller and with other customers.

Gamification tags

An example that is relatively easy to implement is a classification system which, properly applied, conveys the message to users that other users are active in the store. If the rating criterion for these classifications involves participation by publishing product reviews and sharing product information, you will even strengthen the techniques previously described. It is important that users perceive that they are not alone when they visit your website, and they should not interact with the seller only. Everyone has eavesdropped at some time to listen to other customers’ opinions of a product in a physical shop. Online product reviews imitate this kind of situation, and gamification motivates and complements them.

When we make a purchase in a physical shop we interact with the seller and even with other customers – an interaction that takes place by means of a mere social convention or due to politeness. Gamification, among other techniques, can cover this gap in your online store, and help you to humanise your e-commerce.

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