Laying retail bare and dressing eCommerce up

I think that the fact that stores and closing and retailers are laying people off in Spain doesn’t mean that the industry is actually in crisis, but rather in transformation. Perhaps this is a very optimistic view, but then I always prefer to see the half-full glass.

I daresay that in the last few months and even years, most news about the retail industry have concerned layoffs and store closures. This wave started when PC City announced that it was leaving the Spanish market,  closing its 34 stores, and it also involved, to a greater or lesses extent, Miró, Darty, Media Markt, and Saturn.


Given this dreary prospect, can we talk about a crisis in the Spanish retail industry?

Most people think that there is a crisis and fear that the drop in pure players will lead to a raise in product prices, as there is less competition. However, I think that just 19% of the industry is experiencing the current economic situation in Spain, so once this situation is solved, the retail business will be back to normal.

Perhaps this transformation in the retail sector is what has led to the boom in Spanish eCommerce entrepreneurs, and in general to the rise of eCommerce. It’s the combination of many different factors.

But perhaps my view should be backed or validated, and there will be a round table in this year’s  Off/On Commerce Day which will discuss this issue. Here’s the video: see for yourself.

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