Things that make Magento a Perfect Platform for an E-commerce Business

[Guest post by Christopher Meloni from Dealslands UK]

Magento is an open-source PHP based e-commerce platform that apart from having robust features, provides extreme flexibility to the business owners to manage the content, appearance, and functionality of their e-commerce store. Furthermore, it offers a flawless administration interface that involves an effective marketing, search engine optimization, and inventory management tools to give sellers an ability to create sites according to their business requirements.

Another benefit of selecting Magento as your e-commerce solution is it provides a potent combination of extremely scalable layout and an extensive support network. Besides the unparalleled benefits that Magento is offering, it has been added to its reputation as being one of the highly reliable amongst other shopping cart owners accounting the ROI it renders.

Magento can be easily integrated with your online shopping website to create a dynamic interface that not only sells and compels, but also offers a convenient experience to visitors. Let us see what else makes Magento the most preferred and perfect e-commerce platform.

  1. Magento comes with many easy-to-use features.
  2. It enables you to update your shopping website automatically, where this feature is not available in other platforms.
  3. It makes easy for the visitors to browse and buy any product or service through its simple, quick, and versatile functionality.
  4. It offers highly interactive and enjoyable shopping experience to consumers.
  5. Over and above supporting multiple websites, Magento also imparts support to online stores to promote their goods and services on various other domains.
  6. Magento has been designed based on the MVC system; hence, it helps you make your website greatly scalable.
  7. Magento-based e-commerce websites feature powerful SEO, marketing and management tools so to fulfill particular business needs of the merchants.

What Makes Magento Better Than Other Platforms?

Magento vs. Shopify

Being the most prominent open-source platform, Magento offers hundreds of templates and extensions; while Shopify, on the other hand, is a relatively smaller platform that requires its own language to work on, and offers limited templates up to only 200. In addition, Shopify does not have the extensiveness of Magento as it lacks the many reporting and customization tools. In short, Shopify can be a good choice for those running small business websites and need an e-commerce website within a short period. While Magento is perfect for those who need rich and dependable e-commerce website.

Magento vs. Miva Merchant

While Magento is available for free, Miva is not free, though not much pricey. Although Magento does not offer any customer loyalty programs or special discounts, it gives you product reviews and the wish list options, which, however, is not available to Miva. And, while Magento is based on the PHP language, which is quite easy to learn and comprehend, Miva uses Custom programming language.

Magento vs. BigCommerce

One of the major advantages of working with BigCommerce is, it is very easy to set up and manage, besides it amiability to focus on international shipping. While Magento also offers a simple and user-friendly framework, and with BigCommerce chances are a business might bog down with complex plug-ins and limited third-party support.

Magento vs. WordPress

Since WordPress was basically designed as a blogging platform, now it also allows e-commerce through plug-ins. But, the question here is why set up an e-commerce through a platform that is basically a blogging area? Why not choose a dedicated e-commerce platform if you are looking for customized e-commerce solution?

Bottom Line

Although all the e-commerce platforms have their own specific advantages and disadvantages, it is crucial to have a clear idea of your key business priorities while choosing the perfect platform for your online store. So, you need to think deeply as to which one will benefit the most to your business since all the businesses have their own individual requirements. Magento, however, is preferred the most by small as well as large enterprises.

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  1. If blogging is a priority for your business you could also use the fishpig plugin that allows you to add a wordpress website as a blog that will share the same database and admin area of magento.

    One thing to remember is to choose a host that can support magento and allow you the freedom to use it correctly without a 8 second page load times and poor timeouts so you cannot use extensions and plugins like fishpig and m2e pro (ebay and amazon listing tool THE BEST TIP EVER).
    But i would recommend magento over woo commerce or shopify all day long.

    • Thanks for sharing your percepts….

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