Psychological Tricks to Boost your eCommerce Conversions #infographic

Data Dial has published this interesting infographic showing the most relevant psychological factors that affects eCommerce conversions, so you can use them to increase your online sales. Some highlights from this infographic:

  • Social Proof helps you to become trustworthy among your potential customers, by means of reviews, endorsements, social sharing, etc.
  • Pricing techniques are important in order to convince people to buy your products. Show your discounts using numbers and offer incentives to buy more.
  • Scarcity, Fear of Loss Aversion are important psychological factors that may help you increase your sales. Show your stock if you have only a few units of an specific product, or show the time left for the sale.
  • (Good) Photographies and videos are a MUST

Psychological Tricks to boost eCommerce conversions

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