e-Commerce Reward Programs: Increase sale. Maximize Profit

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[Guest post by Kaira Clark from Xicom Technologies Ltd] It is great if you have opened your first e-commerce store. Congratulations! Your next concern will be customer retention. Recently it was found that 85% of e-commerce brands add value to the customer after offering discount and other promotional schemes. But still, 97% of rewards programs are […]

5 reasons to include gamification in your marketing strategy

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Put in simple terms, gamification is a digital strategy practice that makes use of gaming dynamics to increase user loyalty and conversion rates with respect to a specific brand or product. In other words, gamification makes use of something that users like (playing) as a way to increase their engagement, define their behavior, and consolidate […]

How Companies Use Gamification to Amplify Social Media

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The business world has a lot to learn from video games. Gamification is the application of game mechanics into a digital experience in order to engage users. The idea is that tapping into people’s innate desire to play games can be an extremely effective way to engage users, and convey ideas such as a brand’s […]

The Top 3 Industries That Should be Using Gamification

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Too often, gamification is classified as a method for increasing sales numbers or web engagement metrics, such as time-on-page or click-through rate. And while it’s an effective method to achieve those goals, there’s no reason to limit gamification’s potential to just business applications. The research game Foldit is an excellent example of gamification’s flexibility. Developed […]

What Happens when You Go Shopping?

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You walk into a store and shelves full of products stretch out before you, all of them designed to scream at you that you should get them: colors, brand design, glamorous name, and wonderful packaging all constitute a veritable arsenal for persuasion. Your brain is bedazzled by the visual bombardment, and you try to remember […]

The Gamification World Congress comes to Barcelona

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The Gamification World Congress (GWC), the international event of reference in the use of game mechanics for business goals, will be held in Spain for the third year in a row. It will take place in Barcelona from 22 to 24 May in the World Trade Center. Gamification is the application of game concepts and […]