The Difference between Optimizing for Google Ads and Amazon Ads

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[Guest post by Ron Dod] The world has witnessed a clash of the titans between Google and Amazon Ads, each fighting for supremacy in the market. eCommerce merchants can use both. But there are differences between these two platforms, and even though there are similarities, you should take each platform separately, optimizing ads on each […]

7 Predictions on the Future of Digital Marketing

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[Guest post by Vaishali Sharma] With more than 40% growth in digital media marketing including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the digital industry is on the rise. As we start afresh in a New Year, there awaits a brighter fortune for SEO and online promotional activities. Here’s what digital marketing experts predict about the fortune of […]

4 Ways To Craft A CRO Friendly Product Description

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[Guest post by Krithika Siddharth] No matter how often people claim that product photography is the most important part of a product page, we will, respectfully, disagree. From our work with several eCommerce clients, we’ve found that the most important part of a product page: The product description field. In fact, only when you have the […]

Are You SEO Naughty or Nice?

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[Guest post by Marie Miguel] If you’re a budding entrepreneur with a fairly good product, selling it online might have already crossed your mind. It’s a great idea, but don’t forget that there are a lot of products, some may be similar to yours, already being sold online. How can you set your small business apart […]

Top 7 SEO Trends In 2016 That Will Blow Your Mind

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[Guest post by Manas Kumar] Nothing remains static in life and so it is with SEO trends. In 2016 as in the years before, businesses will continue to invest heavily in digital marketing and create a wide array of digital content. And as they do this, search engines will move away from content and focus more […]

Useful Excel formulas for SEOs and Marketers

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[Guest post by Kristina Azarenko from Amasty] Many of us use Excel every day as its layout makes it easy to structure information, analyze it, build different charts, etc. But hardly anybody knows how many features Excel really has (I don’t think Excel creators themselves know all of them). So we are using this program according to our […]

The importance of the blog for an online store

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If you have an online store but don’t have a blog yet, I think you’ll find this post interesting. Perhaps you should start working on that blog and those contents, but read this post first. I think having a blog is just as important for an online store as having a payment gateway. That  is, […]

How to prevent keyword stuffing in your online store

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To set the context… In SEO terms, keyword stuffing is using too many keywords, entering them in an artificial way that doesn‘t add value for users. This is something that Matt Cutts at Google hates, so let’s see how we can avoid it so that it doesn’t have an impact on your online store’s SEO. […]