Top-20 most expensive words in Google AdWords

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In this infographic by WordStream we can see in a very intuitive way some intertesting information about the most expensive words in Google AdWords, and some data about the revenues that this part of the company represents. [enlarge image] For this infographic WordStream has worked during 90 days with millions of keywords.

From SEO to Gamification

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In the last year Internet gamification has often been in the news, mainly due to the boom of services like FourSquare, which have been able to successfully apply mechanics traditionally linked to videogames to user loyalty, encouraging users to return to the services and act in a much more dynamic way. Web gamification can make […]

SEO Tips for Magento Platforms

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Is SEO for Magento easy? Now and then customers ask us what they should do to optimise their online store, developed using the Magento platform or technology. They should orient it towards its organic positioning or SEO, and most times I tell them to check certain functionalities in their management panel. For this reason, today we are giving […]

SEM for Ecommerce: Increase Conversion Ratios

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For those of your who want to position themselves as soon as possible and increase their conversion ratios, today we are bringing some tips that will help you to increase your sales and optimise your Adwords campaigns in your online store in a simple way. Is SEM for e-commerce worth it? After managing several Adwords campaigns for several thousand euros […]

SEO Strategies for E-Commerce

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Even though by now everyone knows what SEO is, those who want to do well in online sales should bear in mind that search engine optimisation is as valuable as other aspects. You should increase your visibility in search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo). SEO, being honest, is one of the most beneficial strategies if […]

SEO Modules for E-Commerce (IV). Drupal

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We have already seen other types of E-Commerce Open Source. Today we will continue to take a look at modules, or rather – as this is Drupal – extensions that help to improve the SEO of your online store. Drupal is a platform that was very warmly welcome in recent years, but with the rise of Magento and Prestashop it seems […]

SEO Modules for E-Commerce (III). Magento

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As we already saw for other types of e-commerce Open Source, today we will continue to take a look at modules, or rather, in the case of Magento, extensions to improve the SEO of your online store. Even though I think that Magento’s back office is less intuitive than Prestashop or other platforms, I must acknowledge that it has a […]

SEO Modules for eCommerce (II). Prestashop

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Continuing with our series of posts on SEO for eCommerce, today we will be focusing on one of the most popular platforms together with Magento: Prestashop, which is very widely used in the development of online stores in Spain. As always, when I talk about stores with few products, I refer to a range of between 500 and 2000 products. […]