The Gamification World Congress consolidates itself as the main global gamification event

More than 600 participants came to the Barcelona World Trade Center de Barcelona for the third congress between May 22 and 24. The event was also massively followed on social and mainstream media.

The figures after the end of the Gamification World Congress 2014 show that all expectations were exceeded. The Gamification World Congress 2014 is an event for annual monitoring of the latest trends on gamification, the application of gaming concepts and techniques to marketing, human resources, education, sales teams, and innovation, among other fields – a recent phenomenon that is generating increasing expectations and profits globally.


Our CMO, Jose Carlos Cortizo talking about gamification in ecommerce in the event

Attendance figures have boomed with respect to previous years, with more than 600 speakers taking part in the scheduled activities. The congress started on Thursday 22, when four workshops taught by the main global gamification experts (Mario Herger, Andrzej Marczewski, Sergio Jiménez, and Alberto Tornero) were held in which participants learnt general notions about the steps required to create gamified projects, from the types of players to take into account when planning to the legal restrictions that apply to final execution.

But most participants came on the second day, on Friday, to the Barcelona World Trade Center, whose auditorium, with a capacity for 450 people, was unable to accommodate them all. It was very hard to find a free seat during most of this day, which was devoted to talks by more than 25 speakers, with a total duration of 12 hours. Over the day, participants in theGamification World Congress clapped, danced, and even measured their brain activity when faced with gamified activities. We learn how gamification is transforming education from Kevin Werbach, how gamified transmedia experiences can be created to transform film, how gamification is helping large brands like Royal Canin to achieve customer loyalty, the impact of gamification on eCommerce from the report given by BrainSINS, and the vision of Gartner consultancy on the future of gamification from its VP, Brian Burke.


An emotive moment of workshop with members of the event.

The day ended with a fun After Party overlooking the sea, during which the Gamification World Awards, organized by the Navarre company Ouiplay, were given. Awards were given to the best gamification projects and experts, including Recyclebank, a US startup which rewards good environmental practice, and the Asian guru Yu-Kai Chou, who was unable to come but sent a message of thanks.

On Saturday, the final day of this third congress, participants’ minds were once again activated in one of the main new features: two scientific workshops on gamification applied to the professional fields of healthcare and education. Projects were presented, round tables were held, and group tasks were very well executed by the participants that once again crammed the rooms of the building.

On the basis of these attendance figures, the Gamification World Congress has become the main global gamification congress.

Impact in mainstream and social media

Media coverage has also grown considerably with respect to previous years, including coverage in some of the main Spanish newspapers, as well as Catalonian radio and TV and many digital media all over the world, particularly in Europe.


An interesting moment with players practicing the Gamification Model Canvas.

In addition, the congress has been extensively followed via Twitter. The congress’s official hashtag, #GWC14, was a Trending Topic in Spain for several hours in the morning of Friday 23, when the first talks took place in the day with the highest participation.

Several terms related to the congress appeared among the Trending Topics in Barcelona, such as the names of some speakers, like Nick Pelling, the creator of the term gamification, and some of the projects presented, such as the Panzer Chocolate transmedia application.

Overall, the impact on Twitter from the start to the end of the congress was a total of 8,000 tweets from 900 different users, creating an impact of 17 million viewthroughs, with a real scope of more than one and a half million users.

About the Gamification World Congress

The Gamification World Congress is the main global gamification event, held every year in a different Spanish city (so far, Valencia, Madrid y Barcelona) and organized by GameOn Lab! and BrainSINS. In 3 years, it has already brought together more than 1,200 gamification and digital marketing professionals and more than 80 speakers from all over the world. The third Gamification World Congress was held in the Barcelona World Trade Center between May 22 and 24 2014, with more than 600 participants, 200 of which came from abroad, including the United States, South Africa, Chile, Mexico, Russia, Japan, etc.


The speech of Sergio Jiménez was an interesting moment of the event.

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