The return of Off/On Commerce Day ”Omni-Channel, the commerce battle horse for the 21st century”

Business struggle every day to implement channels and platforms that will not make them lose any opportunities with their customers. Increasingly globalized markets make us stick to our saddles and ride in the competitive battlefield that is the diverse technological paradigm that surrounds us.

Off/On Commerce Day 2014 will be held on 16 October in Teatro Goya Madrid, a unique multi-space in the Spanish capital, with more than 600 participants from the world of eCommerce, retail, and other commerce. Off/On Commerce Day is meant to help businesses to have a full, broken-down view of multi-channel and of how selling via different channels is becoming increasingly necessary – a trend that is quickly growing and evolving.

Participants in the event will include brands and businesses from all over the world, such as Ford Retail Group, M.Video, Adidas, Hointer, Microsoft, Augment, etc. The event will include success stories, trends, and inspiring talks – that is experiences about how to be successful by applying Omni-Channel strategies that lead to improved business targets. Among other topics, user monitoring in physical stores, click & collect strategies, logistics in international environments, and omni-channel technologies for the implementation of omni-channel strategies or trends in different parts of the world will be discussed.

Confirmed speakers


Célia Pronto: she joined Ford Retail via TrustFord, the largest distribution group for the Ford brand in the world in March 2012. She currently holds the position of eCommerce Manager and is also a Board Director. Her career has spanned various fields of knowledge and experiences in marketing and eCommerce, playing different roles in global multinationals, such as Unilever, Rank, and the Intercontinental Hotels Group; as well as in multi-channel companies such as STA Travel and many new Internet businesses.

She has experience working with multi-channel companies under transformation, with particular emphasis on multi-channel brands, marketing strategy, business processes, cultural transformation, and eCommerce. Célia regards herself as a geek saleswoman, and in particularly interested in the digital world and technology, with a specific passion for how they can be applied to transform businesses.


Gerardo Gómez: currently in charge of the technical execution, architecture, and final code for the ADIDAS Group mobile applications. Technology is his passion. In 15 years’ work in mobile and web development, he has created several highly successful websites and mobile applications.


Anton Pergomorov: an expert consultant in omni-channel from Russia with extensive experience in business development and logistics. He built from scratch a multi-channel business unit for a leading electronics and domestic appliances retailer in Russia, Eldorado. In 2012 he became the Managing Director of an eCommerce startup, Heverest, which seeks to become the leading outdoors and sports items online store in Russia.

As an expert, Anton works with the main international and Russian high-tech companies, as well as with retailers, venture capital firms, and consultants in eCommerce and Omni Channel projects. As part of an internal team, he took part in the functional transformation of the main Russian retailers towards an omni-channel business model, both in the electronics sector (M.Video) and in sports items (Sportmaster).


Jean-François Chianetta: a mechanical engineer by trade and a geek for years, he started to work in augmented reality in 2010, when it became obvious that augmented reality would become the next big trend in mobile computing. Augment is a mobile app for iOS y Android, used by retailers like L’Oréal for simulations of new merchandising in-store.


Nadia ShourbouraNadia is currently the CEO of Hointer. Hointer is reinventing the shopping experience to be easy and fun. Hointer provides a new way to discover and purchase large-size clothes for men and women.

Nadia joined Amazon in March 20014. As a Technology Consultant and Vice President for Global Operations at Amazon, she supervised the Amazon global supply chain and technology and compliance. Nadia was also part of Jeff Bezos’s senior leadership team, in charge of General Management and Amazon operations. Nadia lives in Seattle with her husband and their sixteen-year-old daughter.


 Juan José GonzálezJuan José is currently XBOX Manager Director at Microsoft, although he has more than 16 years’ experience in multinational marketing departments, particularly in consumer goods, with a successful track record in brand creation and strategic and marketing leadership.

He sees himself as a sociable and approachable person, with common sense, creative talent, clarity of though, an analytical approach, a great capacity to adapt to constant challenges, and very agile in the translation of ideas on sustainable initiatives.


The Off/On Commerce Day 2014 is organized by two leading companies in the eCommerce industry, BrainSINS and eCommbits, which have been providing advice on online sales to businesses for years now, and which have first-hand experience in the implementation of this kind of strategies and in their impact on different kinds of commerce.


BrainSINS helps online stores to increase their sales by 20%, and provides a highly powerful tool to improve customer loyalty, providing fully personalized shopping experiences. This is possibly thanks to its eCommerce personalization solutions, which include personalized recommendations, email retargeting, behavioral targeting, gamification, and a powerful analytics tool. Its headquarters and R+D center are located in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid). It also has commercial offices in Barcelona and London.


eCommbits, an eCommerce company, offers its customers a 360º service based on the philosophy of helping them to create and grow their online business. This philosophy goes from help in strategy definition to its implementation in the various aspects of the customer’s business, to achieve results and targets. Its main services include Online Store Development on the leading platforms, Magento and Prestashop, eCommerce Marketing, and strategic consultancy and internal processes, such as logistics and customer service.

More information and tickets: via the official Twitter hashtag, #offon14

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