What Makes Magento the Best eCommerce Platform? #infographic

Mofluid has just published an interesting infographic showing what makes Magento the Best platform for eCommerce websites. According to this infographic, there are 10 key points that makes Magento excel when compared to other eCommerce platforms:

  1. Versatile Content Management
  2. Mobile Friendly Configuration
  3. Powerful and Spacious
  4. Advanced SEO
  5. Built in UpSells & Crosssells (and it allows the use of more sofisticated ways to create those upsells & upsells via modules)
  6. Easy Third-Party Integration
  7. Customize Security Protection
  8. A Gigantic Community
  9. Intelligent Filtered Search for Shoppers
  10. Saves Time & Money

Magento: The Best eCommerce Platform

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