Why working in BrainSINS makes you happy

After reading a Puro Marketing article on how employees can be the best influencers for a company, I have decided – or dared – to find about the innards of BrainSINS. How we are treated and how we treat ourselves. Because being a start-is is not just a concept, it’s a reality.

Some of you will wonder why I’m sucking up to my company. Those who know me know that I don’t do that, much less in work matters. You’ve got to be clear about things. Some clients, partners, and future clients have been in our office for professional reasons or for one of our beloved #eCommBBQ . The advantages of working in a detached house include a great terrace and a swimming pool that makes the summer so much more bearable. I don’t want to arouse envy, but we spend many hours working, and we need a rest now and then.

There’s no doubt that the location of your work place has great impact on your happiness: being able to park just in front of your office is wonderful. But what really makes you happy and feel like going to work every day is your colleagues. Not only because you have a good relationship, but also because you learn new things every day. No day or week goes by in which I don’t learn something different, something that makes me grow as a professional, and that’s priceless. Money is important, but it doesn’t make you happy when it comes to work (it’s also true that I have no family or professional burdens right now). We spend too many hours in our workplace so as not to be happy in it.


Another magic ingredient for happiness is no doubt the kind of boss you have. In my case, I’ve worked in plenty of companies and agencies, and my BrainSINS “big shots” have been the best hands down. If I ever leave the “Smart eCommerce” ship I will weep buckets. Thank you for being clear, transparent, and fighters – you keep us inspired all day long. Our CEO, Francisco Carrero, José Carlos Cortizo, our CMO, and Borja Monsalve, our COO – you are one of a kind. In particular, José Carlos Cortizo, CMO and my boss, is one of the people I have most admired professionally due to his creativity and work capacity.

The rest of us also do our bit – I go to bed thinking about BrainSINS and wake up thinking about BrainSINS. Because I adore my work and adore where I work. There is a very small percentage which I suppose will be able to say this. I think the start-up spirit should be like this – growth and entrepreneurship in equal measure. Also, there is no-one else doing what we do (our 5-leg API is unique). It may sound pretentious, but in a way we are reinventing the wheel. By creating intelligence for online stores, we will be a key cog for online stores and marketplaces all over the world to sell more.

In the end, whatever your position in our company, we are all involved in everyone else’s work, and that’s wonderful. New clients, new improvements – we all have a global vision of the company. Which makes you feel part of the company and part of something great. I speak only for myself, but I believe in what BrainSINS does and that it will become a top company. I believe in my colleagues (Javier, Álex, Guille, Luis, Andrés, Susana, Miguel Ángel, Ramón…), who also deserve to be named. Because of the laughter, the tears, the nervousness, and for turning each day into an adventure.

And yes – “See You in San Francisco”.

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